Nov 6, 2020

Startup Wisconsin Week offers startup advice & pitching opportunities

Startup Wisconsin is committed to advancing Wisconsin’s startup ecosystems through unique programming, collaborative partnerships, and networking. Driven by entrepreneurs and leaders throughout Wisconsin who are passionate about making a difference, and creating a positive and lasting impact that will advance the state’s economy forward.

Happening virtually Nov. 11-18, the annual weeklong series of events gives entrepreneurs the chance to connect with resources, mentors and potential investors. In a year with most in-person events canceled, this virtual event offers prime networking opportunities for young companies and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Below are some of the Madison-area highlights from the more than 100 workshops and events scheduled, many of them free to attend.

Wednesday, November 11
8:30am • Discovery to Product Mentor Chats
10:00am • 2020 Dissemination and Implementation Short Course
10:00am • Innovating the Future: Meet the Forward BIO Institute’s Innovators in Training
12:15pm • Distinguished Entrepreneur’s Lunch via WebEx with Craig Schedler of Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures
1:00pm • Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic Office Hours
3:00pm • CS Nest Office Hours
4:00pm • WARF Entrepreneurons: So you want to start a company? So you want to start a company- gettting started on campus during the time of COVID
6:00pm • Transcend Alumni Meet

Thursday, November 12
9:00am • 100-Hour Challenge
9:00am • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
9:00am • UW-Madison Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic Office Hours
10:00am • Finding a Funding Source for Your Technology
12:15pm • Rapid prototyping your design at the Design + Innovation Lab (Makerspace)
2:00pm • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
4:00pm • WARF Entrepreneurons: Entrepreneurship and venture funding post-COVID: A deep dive into opportunities in high tech

Friday, November 13
9:00am • gBETA Madison Office Hours
9:00am • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
9:00am • For Faculty and Researchers: How to Engage with Industry
12:00pm • Life science labs for startups: Forward BIOLABS Virtual Tour
2:00pm • WARF Essential Topics: IP basics and working with WARF

Monday, November 16
1:00pm • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
3:00pm • gALPHA Social Impact Office Hours
4:00pm • WARF Essential Topics: Navigating Conflicts of Interest and More

Tuesday, November 17
8:00am • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
4:00pm • WARF Essential Topics: Putting our money where our mouth is: creating meaningful networks and resources for diverse inventors
5:00pm • Intellectual Property, Market Research, Funding: Researching Your Way to a Successful Startup at the Library

Wednesday, November 18
10:00am • Dairy Innovation Hub Summit
12:15pm • Distinguished Entrepreneur’s Lunch via WebEx with Johanna Wolfson of Prime Impact Fund
2:00pm • WARF Innovation Day

For more details and the rest of the week’s schedule, visit the Startup Wisconsin Week website.

Source: WEDC