Worksite Wellness Resources

Wisconsin Worksite Wellness Kit
The new 2010 Worksite Wellness Resource Kit (Dec 2010) is a tool to assist worksites with implementing strategies that have been proven to be effective. The second edition of the kit provides additional information based on feedback from pilot users during the past year.

The kit provides information to implement a broad range of strategies or programming. Some will require very little or no resources, while other strategies may require considerable resources. The kit shows you ways to get started and make a difference in the health of your employees, regardless of the size of your worksite and its available resources.

Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)
WELCOA is a membership organization offering numerous resources for workplace wellness programs. Many resources are available for free download, while some resources are available only to WELCOA members.

Take a look at WELCOA’s Creating Well Workplaces site and Small Business page, and visit the Wellness Council of Wisconsin website for information from the local chapter as well.

ROI Calculator
What’s the potential return on investment for your organization’s wellness program? WellSteps offers a free ROI calculator.

To complete the ROI Calculator, you will need three pieces of information: How much your company spent on health care over the past 12 months; the average percentage increase in health care costs over the past five years; and how many benefits eligible employees you have. You can get additional projections if you know the percentage of your employees who are obese and who smoke.

Working for Health Success Stories

In an effort to lead by example and encourage broad adoption of workforce wellness, members of the region’s Healthcare Leadership Collaborative share stories of their success with employee wellness programs.

Read their advice to employers interested in starting or improving workforce wellness programs, and view their individual stories below.

Working for Health Success Stories (entire booklet)
The Alliance
Black River Memorial Hospital
Dean Clinic
Dean Health Plan
Divine Savior Healthcare
Group Health Cooperative
Fort HealthCare
Edgerton Hospital
Home Health United
HospiceCare, Inc.
Monroe Clinic
Physicians Plus
St. Mary’s Hospital
Stoughton Hospital
UW Health

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