About MadREP

Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP) is the economic development agency for the eight-county Madison Region of south-central Wisconsin.


Through a comprehensive regional approach to economic development, the strategic pursuit of job creation and business growth in target clusters, and a coordinated talent development pipeline, MadREP leads the expansion and innovation of a dynamic economy where people and businesses thrive.

Role & Services

Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP) is the economic development agency for the eight-county Madison Region of Southcentral Wisconsin.

Under the strategic vision of the Elevate Madison Region Strategy, our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously designed to propel economic growth and foster innovation across the Region. This strategy crystallizes our commitment to not only sustain but also elevate the economic vitality of the Madison Region through a series of targeted initiatives:

  • Enhanced Business Development: Focused on nurturing business growth, retention, and expansion, we deploy proactive measures to ensure businesses within our region thrive.

  • Strategic Business Attraction: We engage in deliberate outreach to site selection experts and promptly respond to prospect inquiries, attracting businesses that align with our regional economic goals.

  • Sector-Specific Strategic Development: Our efforts are concentrated on the strategic advancement of key industries including agriculture, information technology, life sciences, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing, recognizing their critical role in our economic ecosystem.

  • Global Market Penetration: We facilitate regional businesses’ expansion into international markets through support for exporting activities and foreign direct investments, acknowledging the importance of global connectivity for regional growth.

  • Economic Data Intelligence: Through the delivery and sophisticated analysis of economic data, we provide insights that drive decision-making and strategy formulation for the Madison Region.

  • Supply Chain Optimization: Our initiatives include detailed mapping of industry supply chains, aimed at identifying and rectifying gaps and inefficiencies, thereby enhancing regional economic integration and performance.

  • Workforce and Talent Development: In collaboration with educational, workforce, and talent development professionals, as well as industry representatives, we address the critical human capital needs of our region, ensuring a skilled and responsive workforce.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support: We champion innovative spaces and the expansion of resources for entrepreneurship throughout the region, along with providing technical assistance to start-ups and entrepreneurs in areas such as market valuation, positioning, and value proposition.

  • Regional Economic Development Marketing: Our efforts extend to promoting the Madison Region’s economic development assets and opportunities on both national and international stages, showcasing the region as an attractive location for business and investment.

  • Inclusive Access to Opportunities: We are dedicated to expanding access to business and leadership opportunities for emerging and minority professionals, reinforcing our commitment to diversity and inclusivity within the regional economy.

  • Collaborative Regional Economic Development: By convening the region’s economic development professionals, we aim to foster collaboration and leverage collective resources towards achieving shared economic goals and milestones.

Through the Elevate Madison Region Strategy, MadREP is poised to advance economic prosperity, inclusivity, and sustainability, ensuring Southcentral Wisconsin remains a dynamic and competitive force in the global economy.