Tax Rates

Wisconsin is open for business. Important tax and regulatory reforms have been implemented in the state, and more are underway to allow Wisconsin to be a competitive place to do business.

Corporate Tax

Businesses are subject to a flat rate of 7.9% tax on income. A number of competitive tax incentives are available to businesses. 

Regional Sales and Use Tax

The Wisconsin statewide sales tax rate is 5%. All counties in the region assess an additional 0.5% county tax rate for a total sales tax of 5.5%, below the national median of 5.95%. 

Unemployment Insurance Tax

Wisconsin employers pay unemployment insurance taxes on each employee’s wages up to the taxable wage base of $14,000. For more information about unemployment insurance, visit Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. 

Property Tax

Property tax rates vary between individual communities; specific information is available through the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. 

Individual Income Tax

Wisconsin individual income tax rates vary from 4% to 7.65%, depending upon marital status and income. A table of individual income tax rates can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.