Feb 27, 2018

About FaB and FaBcap_starter Seminar

Presented by:  Food and Beverage Wisconsin (FaB Wisconsin)
Location:  M3 Insurance   (828 John Nolen Drive, Madison)
Time: 1:00pm - 7:15pm

Aspiring food and beverage entrepreneurs are invited to attend Food and Beverage Wisconsin’s About FaB Presentation and FaBcap_starter Seminar – Best Practices in Starting a Food or Beverage Business. This information is for entrepreneurs who are either considering starting a food or beverage business and/or are early in their start-up of a food or beverage business and have questions about what else they should consider to better organize and grow their business.

Besides helping entrepreneurial food & beverage start-ups, attendees will enhance understanding/alignment of our food & beverage ecosystem. Specifically, to improve:

  • Overall collaboration
  • Implementation of best practices
  • Mutual awareness of available resources
  • Industry alignment and overall business development

The About FaB Presentation will begin at 1pm and is open to the public. The FaB Starter Seminar will begin at 3pm and is open to registered attendees only. Register online.