Aug 6, 2020

Close the Distance: CEO Leadership Conversations on Transportation and Logistics

Presented by:  Regional Leadership Council and Aurora WDC
Location:  Webinar Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

How should business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and strategists direct their organizations to prepare for the future? How is the organization you lead adapting and evolving to this “Next Normal” and guiding your stakeholders into an uncertain future?

Which characteristics will the market reward with share in the New Normal economy for transportation and logistics?
Moderator: Arik Johnson
Lead Analyst: Dr. Craig Fleisher

Creative Destruction Segment How will transportation and logistics firms leverage technology and other potential disruptions to evolve to the changing needs of their markets for the future?
Moderator: Arik Johnson
Lead Analyst: David Conley

Learn from Wisconsin CEO’s in transportation and logistics.

Specials Guests: Todd Gilbert of Valley Companies and John Spiros of Roehl Transport