Mar 30, 2017

Doyenne Mentor Match

Presented by:  Doyenne Group
Location:  Hotel RED   (1501 Monroe Street, Madison)
Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm

WHO: 20 Entrepreneurs + 20 Mentors

WHAT: The Doyenne Mentor Match — an evening of introductions and networking between
mentors and entrepreneurs.

WHY: It can be difficult and time consuming for entrepreneurs to connect with mentors who have
the knowledge, skill and commitment to become a valuable advisor. Doyenne’s Mentor Match
expedites this process by matching ready, willing and able mentors with entrepreneurs in need.
Entrepreneurs represent early stage companies and mentors are business professionals in varying
areas of expertise with more than five years of experience in their field. The goal is to facilitate
connections that matter by matching mentors with entrepreneurs to support their goals, expand
networks and tap into new resources.

At the event, entrepreneurs meet and have 15-minute conversations with their matched mentors
with the goal to learn more about each other and determine if it is a good fit for future
collaboration. In addition, there is open networking for less structured discussions among the
group as a whole. By the end of the evening entrepreneurs will have made real connections for
professional development, business strategy or paving a new path for their business. Mentors will
have the chance to get a sense if the entrepreneur is someone who they could successfully
support and work with.

HOW: Prior to the event, entrepreneurs and mentors, not exclusive to Doyenne members, apply to
find a match. The Doyenne team reviews applications, focusing on specific areas of need and
expertise, and makes professional matches. Each entrepreneur can be matched with up to three
prospective mentors. Based on the needs of the entrepreneurs, it is possible that a mentor will not
find an appropriate match at this time. There are limited spaces available. The cost to participate if
you are selected is $30 per person. In addition to meeting new connections and networking, the
attendance fee includes one drink and hearty appetizers.

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