Apr 13, 2016

Evansville I&E Club: Business Incubator 101

Presented by:  Evansville Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club
Location:  Creekside Place   (102 S. Maple Street, Evansville)
Time: 6:30pm
Featured Speaker: Craig Kettleson, MadREP Enterprise Development Director

The upcoming meeting of the Evansville I&E Club features speaker MadREP Enterprise Development Director Craig Kettleson, who will discuss business incubators and how a community can not only benefit from one, but find the financial resources to start one. Kettleson will also provide examples from nearby communities that have made an incubator investment.

The following question will be addressed at the April 13 meeting:

If a building was designated in Evansville as an “incubator” for you, then what equipment, space, knowledgeable person or other resource in that building would make it EASY for you to take the next step with your business or invention dream?

Visit the I&E Club’s facebook page, or contact Sue Berg at 608.882.0986 for more information.