Aug 27, 2020

Pivoting for Growth – The Role of Acquisitions

Presented by:  WMEP Manufacturing Solutions
Location:  Webinar Time: 8:00 - 9:00am

Research shows a proactive M&A strategy enables companies to grow through downturns or aggressively in early recovery – the key is to ACT NOW.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a variety of business challenges and has changed the focus of many business leaders. As in past financial and economic crises, uncertainties in the business and capital markets have caused many M&A buyers, sellers, and their lenders to pause. Despite this sobering environment, some companies are looking beyond today’s challenges and formulating strategies to turn crisis into opportunity. As in previous crises, we expect this pandemic to produce opportunistic M&A openings which otherwise may not have existed.

This webinar will discuss sourcing of acquisitions, valuation and financing, and structure and closing. In addition, we will look at deals which are getting done, deals which cannot get done, and potential M&A hotspots which can help you grow, expand and diversify while your competitors sit on the sidelines.

Session Take-aways:
• A counterintuitive growth strategy
• Market outlook and opportunities during COVID
• Expectations for the post-COVID market
• Sourcing strategy and valuation
• Understanding of bank lending environment


Ann Hanna, Managing Director & Owner; Taureau Group, LLC. Ann has a proven track record leading successful merger and acquisition projects for middle-market companies. Her distinctive background includes more than 20 years of C-level management experience, including involvement in multiple corporate start-ups.

As managing director and owner of Taureau Group, Ann was instrumental in guiding the firm’s intentional evolution. From its roots within a regional CPA firm, she reinvented the M&A practice to create a true boutique investment banking practice. Today, the firm is a fully independent investment banking firm that upholds a relentless drive to realize the best outcomes for clients.

Ann is a licensed investment banker and real estate broker with extensive operational experience as owner of several successful businesses. Her background also includes corporate work for General Motors and Shell Oil.

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