Jan 1, 1970

Startup Wisconsin Week offers startup advice, pitching opportunities

Startup Wisconsin is committed to advancing Wisconsin’s startup ecosystems through unique programming, collaborative partnerships, and networking. Driven by entrepreneurs and leaders throughout Wisconsin who are passionate about making a difference, and creating a positive and lasting impact that will advance the state’s economy forward.

Happening virtually Nov. 11-18, the annual weeklong series of events gives entrepreneurs the chance to connect with resources, mentors and potential investors. In a year with most in-person events canceled, this virtual event offers prime networking opportunities for young companies and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Below are some of the Madison-area highlights from the more than 100 workshops and events scheduled, many of them free to attend.

Wednesday, November 11
8:30am • Discovery to Product Mentor Chats
10:00am • 2020 Dissemination and Implementation Short Course
10:00am • Innovating the Future: Meet the Forward BIO Institute’s Innovators in Training
12:15pm • Distinguished Entrepreneur’s Lunch via WebEx with Craig Schedler of Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures
1:00pm • Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic Office Hours
3:00pm • CS Nest Office Hours
4:00pm • WARF Entrepreneurons: So you want to start a company? So you want to start a company- gettting started on campus during the time of COVID
6:00pm • Transcend Alumni Meet

Thursday, November 12
9:00am • 100-Hour Challenge
9:00am • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
9:00am • UW-Madison Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic Office Hours
10:00am • Finding a Funding Source for Your Technology
12:15pm • Rapid prototyping your design at the Design + Innovation Lab (Makerspace)
2:00pm • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
4:00pm • WARF Entrepreneurons: Entrepreneurship and venture funding post-COVID: A deep dive into opportunities in high tech

Friday, November 13
9:00am • gBETA Madison Office Hours
9:00am • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
9:00am • For Faculty and Researchers: How to Engage with Industry
12:00pm • Life science labs for startups: Forward BIOLABS Virtual Tour
2:00pm • WARF Essential Topics: IP basics and working with WARF

Monday, November 16
1:00pm • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
3:00pm • gALPHA Social Impact Office Hours
4:00pm • WARF Essential Topics: Navigating Conflicts of Interest and More

Tuesday, November 17
8:00am • Isthmus Project Intro Chats
4:00pm • WARF Essential Topics: Putting our money where our mouth is: creating meaningful networks and resources for diverse inventors
5:00pm • Intellectual Property, Market Research, Funding: Researching Your Way to a Successful Startup at the Library

Wednesday, November 18
10:00am • Dairy Innovation Hub Summit
12:15pm • Distinguished Entrepreneur’s Lunch via WebEx with Johanna Wolfson of Prime Impact Fund
2:00pm • WARF Innovation Day


For more details and the rest of the week’s schedule, visit the Startup Wisconsin Week website.


Source: WEDC