Feb 17, 2017

The Doyenne Retreat

Presented by:  The Doyenne Group
Location:  Hotel RED   (1501 Monroe Street, Madison)
Time: February 21-23

WHO: The Doyenne Group and YOU
WHAT: The Doyenne Retreat: a multi-day, professional development, planning workshop
WHEN: Tuesday, February 21 – Thursday, February 23, 2017
WHERE: Hotel RED, Madison, WI

WHY:  It is an opportunity for you and your team to escape the day-to-day routine and focus on developing your next strategic move as an entrepreneur, team member, or executive. Whether you’re just launching your business, need to grow or expand to new markets, or it’s time to pivot and take your venture in a new direction when the retreat is over, you’ll return to work with a new sense of clarity, purpose and leadership.

At different points during the Doyenne Retreat, entrepreneurs, representatives from accelerators and financing institutions in the area, and other supporters of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, work 1:1 with attendees. They help identify key resources, partners and funding options for businesses to gain exposure, networks, capital and potential new business. This is a fantastic chance to build your network.

This is NOT a conference where speakers talk at you all day! This is a concentrated work session in a safe, constructive space. You and your team will roll up your sleeves and work hard (and play hard sometimes) while you’re here.  Through honest conversations about hurdles, goals and opportunities, entrepreneurs will gain a better understanding about what it will take to unlock their potential.

HOW:  In order to provide a personalized experience, we limit participation to 10 women-led ventures. Once accepted, ventures can bring a team of up to 4 members (male and female) to the Doyenne Retreat. The Doyenne Retreat costs $300 for up to four team members. Businesses can apply or be nominated by others to attend the event. Scholarships are available and all businesses are eligible to attend.

The Registration Deadline is Friday, February 10th.  The Late Registration deadline is Friday, February 17th. Registration and schedule can be found at http://www.doyennegroup.org/retreats.

CONTACT:  Amy Gannon / 608.620.3479