Aug 7, 2015

The View from THEIR: Cultural Competence Training

Presented by:  The Davis Group
Time: 8:30am-12:30pm

This year, MadREP unveiled the Madison Region’s first annual Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Survey and shared findings that reveal significant opportunities for improvement. As part of this effort, we have partnered with The Davis Group — a coalition of diversity and inclusion professionals — to provide assistance to companies wishing to improve their diversity and inclusion practices. The Davis Group offers services including executive coaching, diversity audits, corporate strategic planning, recruitment and retention consulting, and cultural competency training.

Starting in August of 2015, The Davis Group will be offering local businesses and organizations the opportunity for their employees and leadership to attend cultural competence training that is positive, interactive, and focused on solutions.  The program is called The View from THEIR, and exposes participants to the perspectives of those from other backgrounds and teaches them how to incorporate their knowledge and experience into their interaction with other in the workplace and every other aspect of daily life.

Two four-hour training sessions will be offered each month in the Madison area, with the first sessions on August 5 and August 7, from 8:30-12:30. Companies who mention MadREP at registration will receive a discounted price.

Learn more and contact Stan Davis at 608.469.7208 with questions or for more information.