Sep 5, 2018

Business Impacts of Summer 2018 Severe Weather Events

As you are undoubtedly aware, the Madison Region has experienced a series of weather events comprised of torrential rain, flash flooding, high winds and tornadoes. They caused damage to our infrastructure, businesses, homes and, most tragically, resulted in loss of life. The Region, as well as the State of Wisconsin, continues to be in a state of emergency and under flood watches/warnings.

As the Region’s economic development organization, we are coordinating with county and municipal partners to assess and quantify the damage to our Region and are asking you for your help. MadREP has launched a survey to ascertain how these events have impacted the business community and we are deploying that survey to expand our database throughout the region.

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This information is vital to understanding the scope of the damage at a regional level and give the state and federal government a better handle on need, which may lead to some recovery grant dollars being requested.

In fact, we may be in a position to deploy hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of microloans. The first step, however, is to collect this information.

In addition, please let us know if you are currently involved in any business recovery operations. If you are outside Dane County, can you please also confirm if you are actively collaborating with your county and the name of your key contact? Should you decide that you do not wish to participate please let us know that as well.

Rebuilding our communities will take time and documenting the damage is our first step. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please reach out to me directly via phone or email. Thank you very much.