Nov 10, 2011

Epic Systems goes ahead with another epic expansion

Excerpted from Wisconsin State Journal
by Judy Newman

Epic Systems Corp. is moving ahead with plans for another set of office buildings on its rural Verona campus.

The third office cluster, nicknamed the Farm Campus, will add 900 offices and will be built at the south end of the campus. It will sit in fields between Epic Lane, the road that guides motorists to the company’s headquarters from Highway 18/151, and Milky Way, the stretch that curls up a hill to the Epic galaxy.

Two buildings would occupy part of a cornfield, nestled in front of a grove of hardwood trees. A third building, connected by an overhead walkway, would sit beside an orchard of apple, pear, plum and cherry trees that Epic has planted.

The exteriors will look more like farm buildings than regular office buildings, and may have barn siding instead of brick, said Stephen Dickmann, Epic’s chief administrative officer. “We might even have a silo, for all I know,” he added.

At least 700 stalls of underground parking will be built next to the two buildings at a site that is currently a soccer field. When the parking is in, the soccer field would be rebuilt above it, said Dickmann.

Epic has 5,200 employees — up from 4,300 in May — with no end to the hiring in sight. “We’ll probably be in the neighborhood of 6,000 by the end of 2012,” he said.

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