Sep 9, 2015

Fisher Barton stays devoted to city of Watertown with new center

Excerpted from Watertown Daily Times

By Hannah Becker

Fisher Barton has added a third center in Watertown continuing an over four-decade commitment to the city.

For almost 10 months, Fisher Barton has been renovating its facility at 201 Frederick St. for its new state of the arts technology center to focus on innovation and process development.

“This is a multimillion dollar renovation, it’s truly a lot of money and it’s here to stay,” Igor Zelenovskiy, president of the Fisher Barton Technology Center, said. “Our commitment’s to grow Fisher Barton and our commitment to Watertown.”

As a critical component for the company, the center will continue to provide innovation and quality to its costumers and is expected to help grow it’s business and bring more people into Watertown.

“The expertise of what we have here is so unique,” Zelenovskiy said. “You name the product, we work on it. We want this to grow and continue to grow and have more and more output.”

By furthering their economic development and up keeping of structures within the city, Fisher Barton is taking part of the many positives currently going on in Watertown.

“I probably have at least two visitors a week from our costumers coming to Watertown to see us,” Zelonvskiy said. “We have about 12 people right now working here and a third are new hires. We’re creating new jobs, and as we’re continuing to grow we’re going to create more and more jobs.”

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