Dec 15, 2011

Jennifer Alexander Announces Retirement at End of 2012

Today, Jennifer Alexander makes the announcement that 2012 will be her final year as President of MadREP and the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce. The timing of her decision to depart at the end of next year makes sense for both organizations as we prepare to implement Advance Now: Madison Region’s Strategy for Economic Growth.

Looking out a full year allows for a smooth transition for both MadREP and the Chamber, and gives us the ideal opportunity to have strategy drive form.  MadREP will have many public- and private-sector implementation partners from across the Madison Region for Advance Now, including the Greater Madison Chamber. What shape that takes and how it affects the work of both MadREP and the Chamber will be determined by the Advance Now strategic development process.

Therefore, it seems like the right time to bring the MadREP and Chamber boards together to revisit the mission and governance of both organizations. Our leadership is committed to achieving the regional collaboration and public/private participation necessary to successfully launch and implement the Advance Now strategy. This joint board discussion will take place in early February and decisions made at this meeting will then guide the leadership search process.

Jennifer plans to stay deeply engaged in the development and implementation of Advance Now while overseeing this leadership transition.