Jan 8, 2015

MadREP’s diversity initiative is smart economic development

As published on channel3000.com
By Neil Heinen

A lot of the talk about diversity lately has focused on the moral imperative of racial justice and ending disparities and rightfully so. But there’s no reason we can’t – at the same time – continue to embrace the 21st century reality that diversity is an asset no responsible economic development strategy can succeed without.

To its credit, the Madison Region Economic Partnership has aggressively embraced this concept and we think the entire region will benefit.

MadREP is inviting businesses in its eight-county region to participate in a new initiative “designed to measure, recognize and improve workplace diversity and inclusion practices.”

We like the mix of encouragement, accountability and recognition. We also know that New Economy businesses, and the people who start them, consider diversity an essential component of decisions like where to grow a business and how to attract talent.

MadREP’s forward thinking workplace diversity and inclusion plan is smart, timely and just plain right.

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