Aug 28, 2018

Phoenix To Open First Commercial Neutron Imaging Services Facility Without A Nuclear Reactor

Source: PRNewswire

Phoenix LLC, known for making the strongest compact neutron generators in the world, announced plans to build a state-of-the-art neutron imaging center in Fitchburg, WI opening in mid 2019. This will be the first non-reactor facility offering commercial neutron imaging services.

“Opening the Phoenix Neutron Imaging Center represents a major advance in making our neutron imaging technology broadly available to any industry,” says Evan Sengbusch, Phoenix President. “By investing in a high performance, reliable, and safe imaging services facility, we’re able to tap into new markets that, due to cost, were previously inaccessible.”

The Madison-based technology company partnered with Krupp General Contractors, known for sustainable building practices, and the city of Fitchburg to build the 10,000 square foot neutron imaging services facility that will provide neutron activation analysis, radiation effects testing and neutron (“n-ray”) and even standard x-ray imaging. The selection process for the new site was done in coordination with local government and economic partner, Madison Region Economic Partnership. “Phoenix’s commitment to continue to grow their business in Fitchburg represents another step forward for the Madison Region as a midwestern biotech hub,” said MadREP President Paul Jadin. “MadREP is proud to have been a part of the collaboration between local government and business on the site selection.”

The ATF/DoD compliant center mitigates the risks, complications, and cost of using a nuclear reactor and will generate high-quality 2D and 3D neutron images for clients in several verticals, most prominently aerospace and defense. Neutron radiography is a best-in-class non-destructive testing methodology for showing highly detailed information about the internal structure of an object. For many components, neutrons reveal defects that would be completely invisible to traditional x-rays.

Phoenix will break ground in November of 2018 on the new facility and has already begun accepting customer orders. The company also has plans that will allow companies to utilize the imaging services facility to trial Phoenix’s innovative technology in Wisconsin before transitioning to a dedicated, onsite, custom imaging solutions matching the client’s specifications.

In addition to the new facility located in Fitchburg, the company will also be building its new 50,000 square foot corporate headquarters on the same site. Slated for occupancy in 2020, the headquarters will provide rapidly growing Phoenix with increased office and manufacturing space to meet increasing demand for their accelerator systems.

The Madison-based technology company has seen a rapid growth rate over the last year – doubling in size and securing large orders from two of the largest nuclear fuel manufacturers, landing 2 U.S. Army contracts, and closing a recent round of $12M in financing.

About Phoenix: Transforming nuclear technology since 2005, Phoenix designs and manufactures the world’s strongest neutron generators. Phoenix’s non-destructive, cutting-edge technology has been safely used in the aerospace, defense, medical and energy sectors to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality.