Feb 18, 2013

Universal AET to create Center of Excellence within Beloit facility

PRESS RELEASE: February 18, 2013

Universal Acoustic & Emission Technologies (AET) is bringing together engineers, designers, business staff, and manufacturing specialists under one roof to create a dedicated team for its new Center of Excellence, a company official announced today.

Universal AET’s integrated Center of Excellence will be housed within its Beloit production facility to bring those who work in the conceptual stages closer to the manufacturing team, resulting in improved communication and design, said Dick Strojinc, Universal AET’s Senior Vice President of Global Operations.

Universal AET’s innovative, collaborative approach to creating the most technologically advanced products in an efficient manner through improved communication and the open exchange of ideas will also improve customer satisfaction, and increase needed capacity to maintain growth this year and into the future, Strojinc said.

The Center of Excellence is a component of Universal AET’s plan to expand its facility in the Beloit Ironworks complex, increasing capacity by 40,000 square feet and adding up to 100 jobs in the coming year, as was announced in December.

Contact: Ron Jake, Marketing Manager
rjake@universalaet.com  |  608.509.3167 

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