Request for Qualifications

MadREP, the regional economic development organization for the eight county Madison, Wisconsin region seeks qualified consulting services to assist with a nine month EDA funded grant project to update the Regional Five Year Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), in line with the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) CEDS guidelines, requirements and process. The project will begin in May 2023 and must be completed by January 2024.

Proposals are due by 4:00 PM CST on Wednesday May 3, 2023.

Contact MadREP at 608-571-0408 with questions or to request a copy of the RFQ.

Questions Received

1. I notice the scope is for 8 counties, but the EDD is only 6. SWRPC will be working on their CEDs in parallel to MadREP, from what I understand. What does this mean for MadREP’s CEDS and the overlap counties? Will one entity do the work for those two counties and the other agrees to the outcomes, will both entities be engaged with Green and Iowa counties to try to jointly come to agreed upon outcomes, or will the two entities be preparing differently-focused, but hopefully consistent strategies for those two counties? If you could speak to any expected level of coordination with SWRPC that would help us with our response.

MadREP will be working in coordination with SWRPC in the fulfillment of Green and Iowa counties to have consistent strategy through the eight-county region. MadREP will also be coordinating with Ho-Chunk. 

2. Could you describe what you are thinking about in terms of stakeholder meetings – how many, timing, in-person vs virtual, etc. 

MadREP will be coordinating stakeholder engagement within the ring counties (exclude Dane county) through our established office hours in each county over the next few months (proper meeting dates are being worked through). It would be ideal to have virtual stakeholder groups per sector due to time constraints on the plan development, but we are open for suggestions through the response and your expertise. 

We plan to have a survey sent out to all stakeholders shortly after the contract is awarded- coordination of survey will be between the consultant of choosing and MadREP team. 

Please remain flexible in your response and share most effective practices of you and your firm.