Public Comment Period: Madison Region CEDS Draft

This document, draft Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Elevate: Madison Region, is a work-in-progress and not a final version.

The information contained within is subject to change based on new data being collected from our external partners and ongoing analysis by our team.

We are actively seeking input from the public and are committed to incorporating this feedback into the final strategy. We believe that community input is vital to shaping a robust and effective Economic Development Strategy.

Please note that while we strive for accuracy, due to the dynamic nature of the data and the fact that it is still being collected, there may be updates or modifications in the final version. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this process.

We encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns regarding this draft. Your feedback will play an essential role in refining and finalizing this strategy.

Please use this survey to provide your comments by 5:00 PM on February 12, 2024. Thank you for your participation and contribution towards building a stronger economic future.