Television Wisconsin: Live It Up | Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP)

In a captivating episode of “Live it Up” with Lee Acker and Michaela Tacasso, the duo hosts Jason Fields, President and CEO of Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP). The conversation centers on the crucial role of MadREP in fostering economic development, supporting entrepreneurs, and building a stronger Madison Region.

The “Live It Up” episode featuring Jason Fields and MadREP sheds light on the incredible work being done to strengthen the Region’s entrepreneurial community. Through visionary leadership, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, MadREP is transforming the economic landscape of Southcentral Wisconsin.

As entrepreneurs seek guidance, funding, and connections, MadREP serves as a reliable and comprehensive resource. Their proactive approach and extensive network ensure that entrepreneurs have the tools they need to thrive, making our community an ideal place to start and grow a business.

With Jason Fields at the helm, MadREP continues to be an influential force, driving economic growth, job opportunities, and fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our commitment to making the Madison Region an exceptional place to live, work, and play is unwavering.