About the Region

Wisconsin’s Madison Region:
Opportunity Driven by Purposeful Innovation

We are a region defined by innovation.

A place where sophisticated technological advancements transform the world’s products and processes.

Where game-changing research & development leads to new discoveries. Where industries set new standards for the global marketplace.

And where an adaptive education system cultivates a highly skilled and creative workforce.

Our cooperative spirit and strong support network creates a culture built to sustain growth.

We are the eight counties of the Madison Region – an area where ideas evolve, where possibilities are realized, and where people and businesses thrive.

Wisconsin's Madison Region
Wisconsin's Madison Region

The eight-county Madison Region of south central Wisconsin consists of Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Green, Iowa, Jefferson, Rock, and Sauk Counties.

Shining a national spotlight on the Madison Region
Shining a national spotlight on the Madison Region

The Madison Region is the focus of the Enterprises TV show’s latest episode, which will air in major media markets round the country. Check it out here.

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