Apr 9, 2014

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Part I: Unique Madison Resources

Presented by:  Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Location:  H.F. DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Entrepreneurons is a new WARF series focused on bringing the fundamentals of getting a new venture started to the UW–Madison community. Created in partnership with the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at the UW–Madison School of Business, the Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic, the Office of Corporate Relations and others on campus, Entrepreneurons brings together thought leaders from across the country and our own backyard to exchange perspectives on core topics ranging from identifying an opportunity to building a startup team to financing and beyond. Join us for illuminating examples, discussions and networking as we meet throughout the academic year. Each session will feature a keynote speaker with national exposure followed by a panel discussion among local experts. Attendance is free and open to the entire campus and the broader community. Presentations will be digitally captured and available online so that you can join the series at any point and stay current throughout.

The final two installments of the 2013-14 Entrepreneurons series highlight the “entrepreneurial ecosystem,” i.e., the combination of people, places and programs that set the stage for all that follows. On April 9, the focus will be on both new and established features in our local community geared to encourage and nurture entrepreneurship.

Keynote: Paul Jadin, president, MadRREP


Leigh Cagan, chief technology commercialization officer, WARF
Pam Christenson, economic development director, Madison Gas and Electric
Dawn Mortimer, innovation director, American Family Insurance
Todd Strother, consultant, Center for Technology Commercialization (CTC)

Zach Brandon, president, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce

Learn more and register by April 7.