WiscNews: County asks public to take broadband speed test

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The Madison Region Economic Partnership launched its MadREP Broadband Speed Test initiative and in coordination with the Columbia County Economic Development Corporation will test internet speeds at madisonregion.org/broadband.

The tool will show participants what their current internet speeds are while collecting necessary data for the Madison Region to pursue better broadband infrastructure in the areas identified as underserved. Residents are encouraged to complete speed tests at home and at work.

“Access to broadband is vital for economic success. This is an infrastructure issue that has been affecting underserved areas in both urban and rural communities for too long now. It’s time to get in the game!” said Jason Fields, MadREP president and CEO.
MadREP’s Broadband Speed Test initiative is an end-result of reviewing broadband grant opportunities that became available to communities in the last two years. “We want to help bridge the gap between those communities that have reliable broadband and those that do not. The first step to doing that is to map connection speeds throughout our eight-county region,” said Gene Dalhoff, MadREP vice president of talent & education.

“The more data collected on the actual speeds across the county the more proof for funding assistance to improve access,” said Cheryl Fahrner, executive director, CCEDC.

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